Makeup Tip of the Week

Makeup Tip of the Week #1 Lipstick

To create longevity for your  lipstick application:

l.  Line lips to show (and correct if needed) the SHAPE of your lips

2. Take the side of your lipliner and FILL IN the lips (this way you will never see a ‘line’ around the lips

3. Take a 2 ply kleenex and separate the 2 pieces.  Take one of the pieces of kleenex, place over lips and lightly powder lips by tapping a  powdered brush  over the kleenex.  The kleenex acts as a ‘SIFTER’ with the smallest amount of powder coming through the microscopic holes in the kleenex.  This step is essential and is what will keep your lipliner and lipstick on longer.

4.  Apply lipstick or gloss.  If you like, you can also just wear the lipliner by itself.  I like to do this on shoots for a matte look.  Very pretty.


Have a Beautyful week~

P.S.  Feel free to let me know if there is anything specific you are interested in. . .

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