Makeup Tip

A common problem clients tell me about is that they feel their makeup is looking too heavy.
One of the reasons for this is there is too much product on the makeup brush. When you take your brush and put it in your blush (or eyeshadow) it is very important to ‘MAKE A PITSTOP’ . This means that prior to landing your brush on your skin, tap excess product off on the back of your hand or a tissue, and then you can apply. The reason for this is that when you initially put a brush in to product, there is more than enough makeup on there. So if you go directly from the product to the face, you now have all that excess on the area you are applying makeup to. It is always easier to add more makeup if necessary than to have to take away. You always want to use the ‘LEAST’ amount of makeup possible to get the best result.
So remember to ‘MAKE A PITSTOP’.

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