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Powder.  It seems like one of the most overused products.  Let’s start out with the functional uses for powder.  First,  it is used to take down shine, and Second, it is used to set concealer and foundation,  and Third, sometimes  it is used to lay down prior to applying eyeshadow or blush so the skin (if it’s too moist from moisturizer, foundation, etc.) won’t grab the color in an uneven manner.

As women get older we can lose some of the luster in our skin, so we don’t want to take the ‘shine’ off.  We look older if our skin looks dry and dull, which is exactly what powder does.  It also attaches itself to facial hair, so if you have any peach fuzz on your face, powder is not your friend.


It  collects in lines, wrinkles and large pores, therefore, showcasing things we’d rather not bring attention to. Use powder to set your concealer, as all concealers have oil in them and will move or migrate into the folds of the skin around the eyes.  By setting them properly with powder, your concealer will stay

put all day.  If you use a water based foundation or a lightweight foundation (like our custom blended foundation by Senna) you needn’t set it with powder.

After setting your concealer, I suggest taking a small brush (versus a giant powder brush) like Stila’s #9 and lightly go over your T-zone.  That is the only area you don’t want to appear shiny (forehead, bridge of nose and chin).  This way the rest of your face will retain a healthy glow and appear more youthful.

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