Highlight Your Cupids Bow

Beautégram: Gold Cupid’s Bows at Aganovitch

All week, the Cut is live at Paris Fashion Week, bringing you the best in backstage beauty tips.

Backstage at the Aganovitch show in Paris, makeup artist Max Delorme was spotted delicately outlining models’ cupid’s bows with gold paint. “The collection is really powerful with lots of volume and color,” he said, while mixing yellow cream pigment with a dot of MAC’s greenish Old Gold pigment onto the back of his hand. “So the makeup is pure and minimalistic, which looks futuristic; the gold on the lip also acts like jewelry.” While painting high-impact gold pigment onto the lip (with nothing else) might not be an everyday thing, popping on a touch of your own pearlescent highlighter to that point on your lip will further define and accentuate the shape of your mouth.

Try putting Stila’s Illuminating Moisturizer lightly on the edges of your cupids bow. It will reflect the light and bring out the shape of your lip. Beautyful!

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